Leadership Credo

You might ask, what is a leadership credo? A leadership credo defines a person’s set of beliefs regarding leadership style, or the qualities it takes to be an effective or impactful leader.  It’s important to have this credo as a guide and a reminder as to how to behave and act as a leader in order to be successful.  My three values for me credo are loyalty, happiness, and integrity.

I was born June 16, 1996 in Mount Holly.  My family moved to Marlton in 1998 and I started elementary school in 2001.  In 2003, I started playing travel soccer, and this is where I met my best friends.  Travel soccer showed me what it means to have integrity and how to be a team player.  My coaches showed me the type of person I wanted to be, and I believe they shaped me into the person I am today.

  • “All excellent leaders have their own style, but the common denominator is that they invest time and emotional energy in teaching and expect all other leaders to do the same thing. Teaching is a way of life for them” (Ruben 2006)

In 2005, my parents signed me up for lacrosse without my permission.  I didn’t want to try it but I did anyway, and it ended up being a huge part of my life.  I also started middle school and was surrounded by an entirely different group of people.  It was important for me to keep a positive attitude during this time.

  • Attitude is a choice, and your attitude determines your actions (Ruben 2006)

After some injuries, I went to the physical therapist for the first time.  It seemed like a cool job, and I started thinking about my future as a physical therapist.

When I started high school, I was put in math classes two years ahead and I had a difficult time learning precalc and calc.  I had to be tutored which seemed embarrassing at the time, and I learned what it was like to not be at the top of my class and to have to work hard to be successful. rutgers

I finally got accepted to Rutgers, and I decided to major in exercise science on the track to becoming a physical therapist.  I had a difficult time adjusting at school and I didn’t feel as comfortable as I had hoped.  I really struggled in math and science classes, and I was unsure of my future.

  • “Self-assessment refers to the need for leaders to understand themselves, know who they are, recognize their strengths and liabilities, realize their personal vulnerabilities, and acknowledge their motives, goals, and reactions” (Ruben 2006).

After I joined club lacrosse, thinks started to get better.  I was able to play one of my favorite sports and I met some of my best friends.  I’m thankful that I decided to try it out. lax

Joining sigma kappa was the best decision of my college career.  I found my best friends, and the members of the sorority supported me during my academic struggles.  With their support, I came to the realization that I needed to change my major and find something that better suited my strengths.  For the first time, I had no real idea of what I wanted to do, but it was a liberating feeling.

I tried out different classes in the School of Arts and Sciences, but nothing clicked right away.  Once I started taking human resources classes, I finally felt comfortable and happy.  I realized that it can take time to find what makes you happy, but it’s important to find a major where you enjoy what you do.

  • “Leaders manage the dream. All leaders have the capacity to create a compelling vision, one that takes people to a new place, and the ability to translate that vision into a reality” (Ruben 2006)

During the summer of 2016 I had an internship in human resources and it was an amazing experience where I could finally apply my skills.  My boss was an outstanding mentor and I was able to gain confidence in my leadership and communication skills.  It was also through this experience that I learned the importance of having integrity in HR.  HR is a role that requires leaders to be honest and to make choices that benefit the company as a whole.

  • “Leaders…challenge us to face problems for which there are no simple, painless solutions – problems that require us to learn new ways” (Ruben 2006)

Taking leadership roles in my sorority and on my lacrosse team have made me more confident in myself and excited for the future.  The roles are big commitments, but they make me feel more involved and important.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds and where I’ll be after graduation!exec

  • Motivating, guiding, directing, and gaining the commitment of others is necessary in creating change (Ruben 2006)



Jenkins Reading

The Jenkins reading discusses fan filmmakers, specifically with the Star Wars movie.  Jenkins writes that when Star Wars launched a fan film contest in 2003, they received more than 250 submissions.  Fans of Star Wars invested in new media technologies in order to create the essence of the movies, and they were able to generate new sounds and techniques.  As Jenkins writes, interactivity refers to the ways that new technologies have been designed to be more responsive to consumer feedback. Participation is shaped by the cultural and social protocols.

The internet has changed the way people consume media because it is easy to access media at any time.  For example, Star Wars fans were able to see the movies and then decide to make their own twist on the endings and future of the series.  With new media technologies, people can create their own ideas through videos and books.  People can take the media they find and turn it into something they want, and they can post it on the internet for everyone to access.  Because of the internet, people consume media in a more interactive way and want to expand on what they see.  Consumers have so much power with media, but they walk a fine line with copyright.

In the last three of four years, fan culture has become even more extreme.  Fan fiction has become a huge part of entertainment, and some people only read fan fiction on the Internet.  Take for example Fifty Shades of Grey.  This book started as a fan fiction of Twilight, but it was published and has become just as popular as the Twilight series.  People are inspired by what others have published before them, and people can put anything on the Internet.  However, this can lead to copyright issues when owners feel as though their work is being plagiarized.  There is a fine line between what is legal and illegal, and it can create issues for people who create fan fiction.  Fans are extreme in expressing their love for media, but they need to be wary of what could be held against them.


So far, our group has progressed well.  We recently filmed the majority of our video and the footage came out looking great.  We met up on Friday to film, and we were able to take a range of different videos so that we will have options when putting the video together.  We also divided up the paper so that everyone understands their responsibilities and the deadline to have it completed.  The biggest hurdle we will reach soon is when we put the video together.  It’s easy to film videos, but it is difficult and time consuming to put the videos together in a way that flows and captivates the audience.  We will need to edit the videos so that they make sense in order and we will need to make sure the audio is clear.  After the videos are put together, I anticipate that we will realize something else needs to be filmed or that we need a voice over.  I’m sure more work will need to be done with the video, but we won’t know until we start to put it together.  The paper will also be a hurdle to conquer, but hopefully it will be easy to clarify any issues.  We know what is expected, and it is just a matter of completing it on time and clearly.  The digital tools have contributed to the creative process because they have allowed us to form ideas that are difficult to accomplish but will turn out looking great.  For example, the features of iMovie and MovieMaker allow us to film shots that switch quickly into others but still look realistic.  Additionally, Audacity and garage band allow us to edit the audio and remove any excess noise in the background.  Sometimes when filming, it isn’t obvious that there are background noises, but it is noticeable once the video is being put together.  These tools will make editing the audio easy and it will make the video more effective.

Creative Commons

A picture I found on Creative Commons of a clock will be helpful in establishing that a person is on time for the interview.  After extra prep on the mock interview tool, the quick shot of the clock will show that the person is ready and prepared.  We are trying to show that career services helped the person prep for the interview, and this will give clear evidence that the person is ready to go.


Additionally, I found audio on Youtube of the sound of people clapping.  This would be useful at the end of the video after the person has a successful interview after utilizing career services.  Hopefully, it will make the video seem more lighthearted and entertaining.  It would be a great way to wrap up the filming so that it doesn’t just cut after the person comes out of the interview.

I also found video from the outside of an office building so that we can give the illusion that we are actually filming inside an office.  The person is supposed to be going in for an interview, so we should make it look like they are at an official office building. We can add this footage at the very beginning of the video to make the location clear from the start.  I’ve noticed television shows doing the same thing, and it does make it seem like they are actually inside an office building.

The Lessig reading explained that not all media is free to use for projects, and this is why the Creative Commons website is so beneficial.  In order to use media in the project that won’t be taken down or blocked, we need footage and audio that is in the public domain.  The Creative Commons gives us the opportunity to search through content that is available for our use and won’t be removed by anyone.  We will not have to worry that we are breaking any rules when we post our video.



The process of story boarding was really helpful in deciding what the key components were for the video.  We each had different ideas, and after comparing storyboards, we were able to create a new and better vision for the project.  We each emphasized different aspects like camera angles, lighting, and close-ups, and this will help in the filming process when we are confused.  When we do create the video, we will need to play around with lighting.  We mentioned having light facing the people in the video and coming from above, but we will need to tamper with it during the video to see what looks best.  In the end, we want this video to be educational but also funny.  We want to edit the interviews in a way that make it seem amusing but also helpful when preparing for the process and possible questions that come up in an interview.  The reading by Lessig in The Social Media Reader was very informative about creativity and copyright, but hopefully we will not run into any issues with copyright in our video.  Our footage will be original, and we most likely will not use information from others.  If we do use information taken from others in the video, we will make sure to cite it at the end of the project.  However, if we do not use footage from other videos, I doubt we will have issues with the video being taken down.


For this project, my group plans to create a video detailing the interview process.  We are planning on filming one bad mock interview, and then we will compare it with one good mock interview.  My hope for the project is that we will accurately be able to illustrate how to have a good interview.  We will help career services by showing the proper way to answer interview questions and speak with employers.  However, we will need to use camera angles and lighting to make the project useful for career services.  In the storyboard, I will emphasize the different cuts for the project.  My vision is to start with a wide view of the whole scene, and then to do separate cuts of the interviewer and the interviewee as if they are having a conversation.  We will need to follow the 180 degree rule to show that the people are sitting across from one another, and we will need to create a professional scene.  The person in the ‘bad’ interview should dress inappropriately, while the person in the ‘good’ interview will dress conservatively and professionally.  The story board will need to emphasize the back and forth between the two people in the clip, and the transitions between the two interviews.

Midterm Reflection

The midterm project for this class was difficult but rewarding.  After I decided on my topic, it was easy to create my blog and add the features that I found important.  The video was more difficult because I had many different clips I wanted to add, and I added separate audio for most of the clips.  Editing it took time, but I’m pleased with the end product.  Additionally, the paper was a good way for me to reflect on my experience and consider what to do differently in the future.  When I create a video for the final project with my team, I will take the skills I’ve learned and apply them in order to make the video more smooth and practical.  However, it may be difficult to switch from doing a project independently to doing it with a group.  Collaboration can be confusing, but I hope that using Google Docs and other collaboration techniques will make the process simple and easy.  In The Social Media Reader, Hyde describes group identity and how individual identities are networked together into a group.  Relationships between individuals are rich and varied, and we cannot assume a completely shared identity and equal characteristics for every group member.  Basically, Hyde is highlighting the fact that even though people work as a group, they will have different skills and characteristics that make them unique.  Being in a group requires constant discussion and collaboration in order to create a project that highlights every person’s skills.  Group collaboration takes effort, but the end product has the potential to be impressive.  I am excited to work on the project for Career Services, and I hope my group will collaborate in order to address Career Service’s needs.


  1. https://bellastravelguide.wordpress.com/

This blog was the first one I saw, and I immediately wanted to keep reading.  The home page brings you to two links and you can choose whether to read the welcome post or the first travel destination.  Both posts were really interesting because the author has been traveling for her whole life, and she has experience and advice to travelers.  I also liked that the author didn’t tailor the blog to only backpackers or people that travel all the time; she specified that her posts are for people that travel all the time or people that want to get involved in traveling.

2. https://jkmediasite.wordpress.com/

This blog grabbed my attention with its header because it looks like the author edited two pictures together and it looks really impressive.  The blog is focused on new media, so the header has a picture of an iphone and a keyboard.  After I read the posts, I liked the blog even more because it is practical and helpful for people looking to get involved in the digital world.  One video focused on LinkedIn, and I found this really interesting because people across the world use LinkedIn, and everyone could have some purpose watching that video.  Also, the author attached pictures from a professional Instagram account she manages, and this shows how dedicated she is to the topic.

3. https://playlistprofiles.wordpress.com/

I Immediately liked this blog because of the header.  The author took an outer space looking background and added someone dancing.  I got the vibe that the music is “out of this world” and it was super cool.  Additionally, the author discussed different concerts she attended, and she clearly seemed passionate about music and entertainment.  My favorite aspect of the posts were the highs and lows sections, because instead of just talking about how great music is, she reviewed everything to give valuable input.  I’m passionate about new music, and I could definitely see myself reading posts on this blog when popular new music is released.

4. https://lifeofalittlesister.wordpress.com/

This blog was one of my favorites because the topic was unique but still practical.  There are so many people who are the youngest sibling and need advice, and this blog would be a great way to relate and converse with people in the same position.  The background is girly and pretty, and this posts are interesting to read.  I think people would find a real use for this blog if they want to laugh about being the youngest sibling and realize that other people have the same problems.  The posts give great advice, and they tell the story of the author growing up with older brothers.

5. https://latenightrecap.wordpress.com/

I’m a big fan of television and media, and when I saw the collage of pictures from late night shows I was captivated.  This blog recaps different interviews and sketches from late night television, and this is an awesome resource for people who like the analyze television.  I personally like to read blogs recapping television shows, but this is the first blog I’ve seen that recaps late night shows.  People who are passionate about television should read this blog because they will be able to laugh at the content from the night before and look forward to future episodes.